Internal lining for injected footwear

We produce internal lining for every type of footwear: PVC, TR, TPU-PU, rubber boots, shoes, galoshes and fashion boots.

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Ever since it was first established in 1986, TUBOFIL has launched a challenge to world markets, exporting its tubular fabric articles for PVC boot linings. Thanks to its reliability, flexibility and last but not least, innovation, the company is today able to present a complete range of boot and footwear linings in PVC ,TR, TPU, PU for the rain, safety and fashion sectors. So today, TUBOFIL can rightly be considered as a leader in the industry.

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The continuous co-operation with the most important companies of the market and our permanent investment in research of new materials and technologies lead Tubofil to propose new and interesting products and face in a positive way the challenges of international markets.

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